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DIY Fertilizer Tablets

Ah, well, the problem I have is I cannot buy any chelated mixes from any
gardening store I've been able to find in my county, the only available
things I can find is Potassium Nitrate, Magnesium Sulfate, and Boric Acid. I
did find other products at the gardening store that had iron and a few of
the other mixes, but the concentrations were totally different from what
pmdd has and wasn't sure if it was safe to use them, and I also like to do
stuff which I can obtain easily locally, though the fish stores out here are
very limited in what they carry. Some people did suggest using things like
Jobe Plant Sticks, but the nice thing about DIY is you can make as much as
you want when you want and it's usually less expensive. I wouldn't mind
changing the gravel into some other rich substrate, but that would mean
uprooting all my plants, replacing my existing gravel, and spending like

- Matt