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Re: DIY Fertilizer Tablets

Matt <Crimson2 at home_com> wrote:
Subject: DIY Fertilizer Tablets
> Does anyone know how to make your own Fertilizer tablets?  I currently have
> Kent FW which I dose into the water column, and I took a sample of it and
> heated it to evap all the water obviously your left with solid elements, but
> i'm not sure about iron oxidization, anyone have any  DIY plans or care to
> comment?

Matt, there's no telling what you've got leftover after your 
experiment. The salts used to make the solution were dissolved at 
varying concentrations, with some probably close to saturation. 
Once you start taking away water, the solubilities change and 
things start falling out, and even combining with other constituents 
and falling out. Some of the salt complexes fomed are now 
chemically different from anything they started with and lots of 
them are insoluble in water. That's one reason they can't evaporate 
sea water and sell the leftover salt. It's not the same as the stuff in 
solution. I'd either make my own Kent FW "look-alike" from dry 
chemicals or keep using the real stuff. It's also not a good practice 
to put "salt" crystals directly into the tank. Fish will inevitably try to 
eat it on it's way to the bottom, and it can't be too good for them.

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