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Re: Ramshorns

Mary wrote:

>Yes, they will eat plants if you have a lot of them, and you will have a lot 
>them because they reproduce so rapidly! In my experience, they eat any of the
>softer-leaved plants, including swords, but will say way from crypts and
>Anubias. They won't bother your Java moss. My ramshorns especially love Hygro

I disagree, Mary - the holes in your plants' leaves are probably a potassium 
deficiency - do they get sort of whitish when the holes take up most of the 
leaf?  I have had the same problem, and the hygro is the indicator plant for 
it in my tank.

I keep lots of ramshorns in my tanks, they don't eat plants - they do get fed 
well, with lots of fishfood and the odd spirulina tablet or slice of zucchini 
etc, intended for the fish, but they have to fight off the snails!

As well as algae control, to whatever extent they do it, the main reason I 
keep them is as scavengers of old fish food and fish poo etc.

I haven't found them to be very effective against green spot algae, sorry.

The more food they have, the faster they multiply, so cleaning some out every 
so often is probably a good idea.  I sell mine.

Kind regards,

Susi Barber
in beautiful sunny Vancouver!