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Re: Diffusivity (was APD V4 #915

Hello Steve,

Diffusivity (or coefficient of diffusion) has been in the English
Language at least since the 1950's -- when the physical chemistry book I
own has been published! I don't know whether Oxford has included it, but
I suspect that it has.

Diffusivity is NOT a relative term, but is defined as
dQ/dt = -(*)(dc/dx)dydz

where dQ is the amount passing through an area of dydz, in the direction
of x, in the time dt. Of course, one can select one's units, so in that
sense the term is relative. :-)




> Diffusivity is another relative term, even
> if its a made-up word. :-) Now that it has appeared in this publication
> frequently, Oxford can include it in the lexicon.
> - --
> Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA