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CF comparisons

A few months ago I purchased 2 Custom SeaLife Brite Lites-36" 96w each
from That Pet Place. Started ordering some stuff from Big Al's recently
and with last shipment got a catalog. 

Listed: All Glass Products
           Compact Fluorescent Strip Lights
            36" 110watts Black or Oak
             $94.00 each
             9325K bulbs included

The CS Brite lites are 36" 96w, 6700K. Paid 129.99 per unit.  Someone
tell me I didn't screw up and pay $70.00 more for lesser lighting. Has
anyone used the All Glass fixtures? 

Also, replacement bulbs at Big Al's for the All Glass are, from what I
can tell, about 25 to 30 dollars cheaper than TPP's replacement for CS.
The AG replacements are only listed as 10,000K, 50/50, and Actinic. Does
anyone know if these replacements would be OK for a freshwater planted
and fish tank(125g) and if they would fit a CS fixture?

Kyle, kickin' his own a** in