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Re: Fur Algae

"Fur algae is a bad sign something is messed up. Do a big water change. I bet you have loads
of nutrients and the plants are not using them. Check CO2 first. Then check your NO3 levels."

I'm doing mega-water changes and it seems to be starting to work.  I'm beginning to see free
floatin hairs in the water column, as if its starting to die off and lose its grip on the

Two problems I have are that 1)I only have a DIY CO2 setup, so my levels are usually too low. 
Also, 2)my PMDD never seems to register on my nitrate test, even if I put quite a few doses in
a glass of water.  Is there something wrong with my PMDD?  (I've used two different brands of
test.)  I do think I've caused this problem by overdosing, and have cut way back, to less than
one drop per 10 gallons per day.

"Is it slimy to the touch and can it be rubbed off the leaves to some degree"
No, its definitely not BGA or some other slime like algae.  It is quite firmly attached, a fur
coat, as it were.

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