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What Eats Green Fur Algae

I'm  not sure what to call this algae. It looks very much like short, green fur.  When it gets
heavy it fairly well coats the leaves of my plants, blocking the light and eventually killing

I believe otos will eat this stuff, but in my area otos are as rare as zebra plecos.  What
would be an alternative? 

Will siamese algae eaters consume this stuff?  The LFS currently has about twenty mis-labelled
as Flying Foxes.  (lateral stripe continues to fork of tail, single set of barbels... that's
an sae, right?)  

SAEs are sort of ugly in my opinion, so other options would be preferred if you know of any. 
What about synodontis eupterus (featherfin catfish)?  I know, I know...  probably not, but I'm
looking for an excuse to buy a couple. ;)

Also, whatever your suggestions, I have a 90 gallon tank, so please give me an idea of how
many would be required.


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