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Re: eheim diffusor

> > Lose the Eheim diffuser, it's an idiotic device proven to be a fish
> > killer.
> > >>>
> >
> > Tom - what the hell are you talking about.  This statement is an
> > unfounded outright lie

blah blah so on so forth . . . i personally have had ZERO problems with 
using the diffusor, but then again i do use a needle valve together with a 
solenoid . . . when the tank was at 0 psi, bubble rates were close to 
constant until dying off slowly, NO dump experienced . . . also, if the 
eheim diffusor is a fish killer, ALL diffusors would be the same . . . one 
diffusor is pretty much the same as any other one, except for the surface 
area of the ceramic disc . . . but then again, looks do count (look at 
amano's diffusors, for instance) . . . but imo i think the plastic look of 
the eheim diffusor blends in very nicely with the eheim pro look . . .

GO EHEIM!! :) . .