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RE: Pressurized CO2

"Each yeast bottle runs into a canister filter as a reactor. So, here's
question.  When I start using the new CO2 system, I thought I would
the Eheim diffuser in front of one of the spray bars to move the CO2
into the current."

Lose the Eheim diffuser, it's an idiotic device proven to be a fish

Tom - what the hell are you talking about.  This statement is an
unfounded outright lie.  Many others and I have been using Eheim
diffusors for years without a single problem.  I used the diffusor for 3
years.  Although I recently added a needle valve to my system for finer

You will do much better with the simple - CO2 Tank, Regulator, Needle
and then run the flexible tubing into the intake of either one of your
canisters. If you want to be really anal about it, split the tubing with
a T
fitting and run it into both.


Chuck and Kevin,

I would put the diffusor below the intake on your canistar filter.
You'll get great CO2 levels.