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RE: Pressurized CO2

I am investing in a pressurized CO2 system for the first time.  I have been
using DIY yeast for several years.  My current set up runs 2 yeast bottles
on a 100 gallon tank.  Tank is 72 x 18 x18, heavily planted w/320 watts of
Coralife trichromatic VHO bulbs run by a 660 Icecap.  Each yeast bottle runs
into a canister filter as a reactor. The canisters are at each end of the
tank with spray bars in vertical position below the surface.  One outflow
runs down the back side of the tank and the other runs down the front.  This
creates a great circular current that moves the nutrients thru all areas of
the tank.

So, here's my question.  When I start using the new CO2 system, I thought I
would position the Eheim diffuser in front of one of the spray bars to move
the CO2 along into the current.  The tank is 6' long, but the current takes
a 12' trip, so to speak.  Will having the CO2 come into the tank at only 1
end be enough to get the CO2 throughout all the water in the tank?

I was thinking (I am always thinking - sometimes too much:) of the dividing
the air line so that I could have a diffuser in front of each spray bar.  If
I do that, am I putting the SAME amount of CO2 into the tank, just in two
different locations - or will it DOUBLE the amount of CO2 going into the

Use the same bubble count as normal on each diffuser?  or drop the bubble
count on both to 1/2 normal count?
I am sure these questions come out of complete ignorance of any use of
pressurized CO2 - but I got to start somewhere and I don't want to make
critical mistakes with this stuff.   Thanks for any help sent my way!

(ms) Kevin reavis