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RE: Freshwater Crabs

> Edward Venn wrote:
> > Has anyone had any experience with freshwater crabs?
> > <snip>

Gitte responded:
> I haven't any experience with them, and they may do well with your plants
> (don't know), but you may want to be careful.  You might notice your fish
> population decreasing, especially in the dark of night!

I've had a hard time with a lot of crabs (red, blue).  I think my
water is too soft, and they never last more than weeks.

However, the kids pulled a bunch of crayfish out of the canal
(Colorado, US) and I threw them in a few of my tanks.  They
survive quite well... months later with lots of temperature swings,
they're doing great.  They seem to eat and uproot every plant 
except for java moss, which they like to hide under.  They really 
love the Anacharis canadensis.

These guys are very fun to watch.

Most female crabs have smaller claws, so you might not have
as much trouble with them eating the fish.  My guys will eat
anything they can catch, so the big ones are in a fishless tank
(I'm experimenting to find a plant setup they'll leave alone.)
However, I'm surprised that they don't seem to be going for
the fish in general...maybe I have too much detritus and the 
plants are easier to catch.  ;-))

charleyb at cytomation_com