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Re: Discus

> Also, I am very intrigued by Tom's  comments on Discus. Hitherto I
> thought I was forbidden to have them.

You are forbidden, but just you:)

> My ph is usually 6.8-7.2, dkH 6-7
> and temp 78. Too stressful? Temp too low? Too much pH fluctuation? If
> not then money would be the only prohibitive factor.

Sounds fine. No different there on some of my old tanks. Check out society
auctions. Sometimes you can find deals there. Friends that breed them etc.
Maybe online specials. Trade plants for fish is another idea at the

I have a confession of sorts:

I quite honestly do not care much for Discus but have gotten deals a bit too
good to pass up so they are often only there to fatten up and sell off as
nice sized adults. I realize other folks find them interesting and see why
they have their opinions but I still think they look like colorful dinner
I still don't like them even after keeping them for a few years. I may never
like them entirely but the folks that keep them also like plants so they
can't be too bad:)
Want a real challenge? Try pruning a piranha tank:) Actually I' have one
planned shortly. Whimple piranha though. Not a shrimp friendly fish.
Tom Barr