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RE: yeast CO2 and heater rant

>Erk! mine is totally submerged and has been for a good while. Although...I 
>think the Visi-therms are more or less the same as the Eco-therms in 
>construction, and the Ecotherms certainly have o-ring seals around the 
>adjustment knob. I know, I've taken a couple apart in the past. Maybe they 
>mean the dial/temperature gauge has to be above water for you to be able to 
>see it. I have a Hagen Tronic on my other tank, and it's been submerged for 
>18 months now and is still keeping the fish warm. Covered in BBA it is, 

Hi Matt:

The Visi-Therm instruction sheet I have says pretty clearly that the dial is 
supposed to be above the water line.  Indeed, on the heater I have, there's 
a squiggly line right beneath the knob that indicates where the waterline is 
supposed to be.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's an o-ring type assembly on the 
Visi-Therm, but whether it's intended to keep water out on a permanent basis 
is another question.  I supposed it says something good about the heater 
that you've kept it submerged all this while :-))  But I ain't gonna try it 
that way!  And I'm only on 115V, not 240V like you Brits!

Are Ebo-Jagers really completely submersible?  Because I'd really like one I 
can put low in my tank, hidden away.  Otherwise, its back to the Hagens.

Portland, OR
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