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Re: yeast CO2 and heater rant

Ming wrote:

> supposed to be above the water line.  Indeed, on the heater I have, there's
> a squiggly line right beneath the knob that indicates where the waterline is
> supposed to be.

My Ebo-Jager has a MINIMUM water mark on it.   

> Are Ebo-Jagers really completely submersible?  Because I'd really like one I
> can put low in my tank, hidden away.  Otherwise, its back to the Hagens.

All of my heaters are Ebo-Jagers, and all of them are 100% submerged.  I've got
two of them in my sump tank, mounted horizontally to the bottom of the sump,
always 100% submerged, with no problems.

Chuck Gadd