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Lighting Question/Visi-therm Rant

The Question:  I just got an AGA 50 gal which measures 36"x18"x18".  I have 
an AGA fixture consisting of 2 55W compact flourescents for 2.2 W/gal.  I am 
contemplating adding another strip light.  I could add: (i) another 60W in 
the form of 2 30W T-8s, to give me a total of 3.4W/gal; or (ii) one 30W t-8 
(2.8 w/gal); or (iii) one 20W T-12 (2.6W/gal).  I will be using CO2.  The 
folks at the lfs think it would be crazy to add another strip light beyond 
my 2 55W compacts.  What do you folks think, simply from the standpoint of 
whather I'll need more watts?  Which option would you choose?  And yes, I am 
hoping to grow red plants along the line of rotala indica etc.

The Rant:  I bought a Visi-therm heater thinking it was "completely 
submersible" as it said on the box.  But when I opened the package and read 
the instruction, the heater is not, in fact, "completely submersible." The 
dial has to be above water.  What gives!!!  Shouldn't "completely 
submersible" mean like the Hagen heaters that can be placed anywhere in the 
aquarium?  Am I crazy to be complaining?

Chin See Ming
Portland, OR
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