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RE: tank pictures


You wrote “Quality without a digital camera is what I
searching for.”  If you just want to share the
occasional picture with folks via the internet, try
using one of the better “egg” cameras to take a photo
of your processed pictures.  This is a real PITA, but
for one or two photos a month, it works ok.  The image
quality isn’t as good as scanning, but it might work
for you.  I do this occasionally.  I rarely have good
luck with scanned images.  Sometimes they look ok when
resized down to business card size, but that’s pretty

My wife used the photo CD a couple of times.  I didn’t
hear any complaints.  It runs $6-8 per roll of film. 
By the time you do this you have $12-15 in film and
processing costs.  Good slide film, Fuji velvia 50 for
instance, will also run about $15 by the time you buy
it and develop it.  Then you need to get the digital
images.  Those run at least $1 each in quantity.  

One solution for quality images is to make friends
with someone who has a digital camera.  Turn the flash
off and take pictures of your photo prints.  Another
idea is to make friends with someone who owns a Nikon
Coolpix 990.  Make a deal to buy the slide adapter
attachment for them if they will make digital images
of your negatives or slides.  Then use your AE-1 and
be nice to your friend.  This attachment costs about
$60 and it works great.  You can also jury rig it to
work on other cameras.


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