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Re: tank pictures

Jamie wrote:

> Does this scenario also apply to film that has been transferred to
> CD? I've always taken my film in and got the prints only, never
> thinking of opting for the CD. Instead of taking a picture, having a
> crappy print made, then trying to scan it to make it look as good
> as I can, can't I just get them burned on a CD without any lose of
> quality? Or does it look the same as a print would? Quality without

It would be worth it for you to check out Ofoto.   They will develop your
print film, post them in a private section on their website, and mail you
your negatives.   Then you can go onto the website, and do whatever you
want with the digital pics, including ordering prints.   I do not know what
the maximum resolution available for the on-line images is....

I use ofoto, but have never used their photo processing service.   I have
ordered prints of my digital pics from them, and they do a very good job. 
I also have used shutterfly.com, and photopoint.com, but I don't know if
either of them offer film processing.

If anyone out there in APD has print aquaria pictures that they would like
to have scanned for personal use, I will do it for free.   Mail me the pics,
and a postage-paid return envelope, and I'll scan them for you and mail the
pics back.

Chuck Gadd
Director of Software Development, Cyber FX Communications
e-mail:cgadd at cfxc_com  http://www.cfxc.com