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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #875

> What an incredibly luxury!  I hope it will be practical.  I find I "tend"
> plants a lot, e.g., I prune and trim quite a bit.  I think that I might
> trouble reaching spots on a tank that is 3.5' wide and 3' tall (or
> vice-versa).  You might have to put on the swimsuit and snorkels!
> Are you contemplating using CO2?

ive dealt with large reef tanks this size, and its never very practical!  i
have the snorkel ready!
i will be using co2.  i think im going to use a pinpoint controller hooked
up to a 50 lb co2 bottle.

> Have you considered using 1800W stadium lights?  I'm serious (sort of).

i looked into 1000 W fixtures and bulbs (venture 5K).  ive used these on
reef tanks before.  i'll think about the lighting a bit more.  i think the
400's should be enough though.