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Algae Woes

I am a long time reader of the APD, but this is my first post(sorry it is so 
long.)  I set up a 20 gallon heavily planted tank 1 year ago, but there has 
yet to be a day without algae(ecept the first day I set it up.)  For the 
first several months I was figuring how things worked, and algae always 
seemed to have the upper hand.  I had every different type of algae: hair, 
green water, staghorn, that one with little 3 mm hairs etc.... But for the 
last 5 months cyano bacteria showed up and has taken over.  Through posts on 
Aquaria Central and Tom's place many people helped me figure out that I 
wasn't getting enough of the correct nutrients to my plants.  I tryed using 
ppmd but I could never seem to get the concentration right.  I switched my 
water column fertilizer to Tropica Master Grow and Kn03( from Flourish and 
ppmd) in the hope to simplify things.  About a month and a half ago I added a 
second DIY CO2, I also added flourish tabs and pices ofJobe's p&f sticks to 
the substrate to keep the nutrients away from the BGA.  This improved the 
growth and the plants looked heathier  but the cyano bacteria didn't slow 
down. I was removing it daily.  I always tested my water and my phospate was 
always .05 or so.  I felt I had got the the nutrient levels at a good place 
and I decided to do the marycyn treatment for the BGA.   The plants were 
growing vigorously. The BGA went away after the full treatment but promptly 
returned a week later.  I felt like throwing my tank out the window... Now my 
tank had both hair algae and BGA.  I am extremely frustrated to say the 
least.  Now as a last resort I turn to you my fellow APD'ers.  Any ideas of 
what I could be doing wrong or overlooking? Thank you for your help.
Tank info:
20 gallon( 20% water change weekly)
eheim ecco with spray bar and powerhead for filtration and water movement
pH  6.7-7.0
55 5600k PC on for 12 hours
2 DIY co2 yeast bottles into filter intake(one changed a week)
kh 3
gh 5
phosphate .05 (seachem test kit)
iron .1 (although this never seems to change)
nitrate .2 (i never got a reading higher no matter how much KNo3 I add)
Jobes and flourish Tabs added to substrate for nitrate and phosphate
I add 1 ml TMG daily and 1 ml if KNo3
Plants: lots of hygrophilia(green and tropical sunset), lots of rotala 
indica, chainsword, glossostigma, crypt lucens, mayaca, hairgrass, and Java 
fish: 4 rummy noses, 2 diamond tetras, 1 emperor tetra, 4 ottos