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Several different ideas

Quick response to this post.

--I tried to digitally correct the saturated parts of both scanned images
--and digital photos.  The saturated areas were pretty much
--information-free, so there wasn't anything to recover.  Excessively
--bright (but not saturated) areas could be corrected.  Just what is
--"dodging and burning?".

--Roger Miller

Dodging and Burning is a technique used in the darkroom while the paper is
being exposed, certain areas are covered ( dodged) and certain areas are
allowed to get more light (burned) then the rest of the print.  this
sometimes helps to fix certain issues with high contrast, nasty shadows or
areas that are abit dimmer than would lend to good detail.  The technique is
kinda rough.  since some of these issues can simply be handled with fill
lights, and correct exposure settings on the camera at the time of taking
the shot.  I have worked in custom photograghy labs and spent many many
hours in the darkroom.  the only times I resorted to dodging and burning
were on special prints usually over 4 feet tall.  due to the amount of time
these were exposed and the distance needed to shoot a 6 foot picture onto a
print, we sometimes needed to compensate for lighting in the shot.   this
takes practice and unless you have paper and chemicals to spare might be
more trouble than it's worth.  Make your adjustments at the time of the shot
and this isn't going to be necessary.  As was mentioned in another post very