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Proper Lighting

I am picking up my brand new aquarium tomorrow...37 gallon..with Eclipse 3
Filter/Hood.  It comes stock with 2- 24"  flourescents.  My concern is the
depth of this tank and supplying enough light to maintain a healthy variety
of plants.  If I go with the standard rule of thumb of 2 watts per gallon I
need 74 watts for the tank.  What brand would be best for good plant growth
and good fish colors?  I have shopped around locally and best I could find
were 20 watt-24" tubes.  Anyone know of a specific online supplier or better
yet someone in the TampaBay area where I could get bulbs I can use in this

I am looking for details..i.e.. Brands...differences...cost...and possible

On a side note...I have been writing  a database program to help with my
tank records.

the fish and their health, all test results for report generation.  List of
commonly used suppliers, plants, problems and remedies, and several other
things I am building into this project.  Is there anything out there like
this already?  A program where one can track the history of fish, plants,
tests, issues, products, and information that is nice to have documented?
If so I will drop the project.  If not, would anyone be willing to beta test
a finalized copy and give me some feedback?  As a retread in the aquarium
hobby, I might be overseeing some things that would be nice to have in
Send  me an offline message if you have any suggestions for this endeavor.

Sunny in Florida

When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem
begins to resemble a nail.