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Re: On-line planted tank CO2 info

Before anyone wastes a lot of time writing a "CO2 FAQ", be aware that there are 
already a couple out there. They have a limited amount of "theory of operation" 
(for example, none mention that turbulent flow in a needle valve is the 
controlling mechanism). But they should give people a good idea of the 
ins-and-outs of CO2. Or at least an idea of where some of the posters are coming 
from :-).  

I apologize if I've mispelt any URLs; my Unix system doesn't support cut and 
paste very well. 

My own website has extensive CO2 info (it's on a Unix server so the URL is case 


Most useful is a pointer to an article I wrote a few years ago for Aquarium Fish 
Magazine with more in-depth CO2 equipment info:


Dave Gomberg's site has a CO2 FAQ:


And of course, the Krib has tons of archived CO2 stuff: 


George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)