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Setting up a 360 gallon plant tank

Well I have to do a biggy before I leave the Bay area. 96 long x 36 high x
24 deep that is a salt water convert (ah, yet another one!) won over. The
tank presents some challenges, mainly the depth. It will be a big old
monster. It's about half of the Amano's biggest in his Book 1.  This is only
about a ton and a half or so. I'm adding 6x96w PC's on that tank but I think
that will be enough. No real high light plants. Standard flourite substrate,
gas CO2 etc.

Greg and Leo should pay me as a salesman from Sea Chem. They have been
making some big $ from me and tank set ups just on flourite alone:)
This tank will alone use hundreds of pounds.

Access is limited from the top to 4 - 16x12 holes.
Should be fun:) Sometimes you need long arms!
It will take this large tank some time to "grow in" though. Once it has it
will be extremely stable and healthy. You cannot go out a buy full grown
mature plants in such a large mass quantity to fill such a tank but need to
wait some to have them grow in. It's the biggest tank I've done as a planted
tank and a fun one too. Nice thing is the guy is a crypt nut who owns the
tank and is very old school/long time plant keeper hobbyist.
He will be happier with a big planted tank than the SW.
Everyone has been so far:) Myself included.
Tom Barr