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CustomSeaLife PCMH72 Lighting Fixture

Steve Dixon in San Francisco wrote:
<SNIP a lot moanin and groanin about loud CSL lighting units>

If you are unhappy with the unit send it back.
If you paid with a CC they shouldn't have a problem.
You have 90days from date of purchase and if you get
hassled tell them you will dispute the charges with the CC company.
There are far better and cheaper units on the market as you are
Snoop around some of the reef aquarium supply companies on line.
Two that I have dealt with in the past with no problems.
www.premiumaquatics.com (Midwest Co.)
www.marinedepot.com  (California Co.)

There are plenty of lighting options out there
PFO Manufacturing makes some nice looking and quiet units.
I have bought ballasts from Home Depot that make not a sound.
If you need further help don't be afraid to ask I have plenty of exp.
lighting up my tanks.
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