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CO2 revisited -- Lessons Learned and Misc Stuff

I think I previously mentioned to the list I recently added a pressurized CO2 
system to my 120 gallon tank. Well, the following constitutes lessons 
learned.  Simple stuff that was not addressed (as far as I can see) on 
aquatic URLs or here on the list.

First -- Make sure that the regulator is on tight, and I mean tight. Use that 
washer you get every time you get a refill and throw the old one out. Don't 
use Channel Lock pliers to tighten the nut. Use a 12 inch Crescent wrench. 
You are not going to harm the regulator using too much muscle power. Y will 
not strip threads if the regulator is of good quality and if you do not use 
Teflon tape. 

Second -- When you get your new CO2 system, plan on not having enough tubing. 
I've tried several different types, and the ONE to get as far as I'm 
concerned is tubing from a NAPA auto parts store. Get the stuff used for 
pressurized windshield washer lines. It cost me 32 cents a foot plus tax.  
The tubing you get from Home Depot and other places is too brittle, and CO2 
will probably corrode it, resulting in leaks.

Third -- Do NOT use Teflon tape or any other goop around the regulator to 
tank threaded connection. This is a pressure gas fitting, and not for 
liquids. Teflon will simply make a gas leak more rather than less likely.

Fourth -- check each connection for leaks. Use a few drops of liquid dish 
detergent in an empty Windex or similar bottle and spray on the connections 
while the system is running, checking for bubbles of escaping gas.

What's the basis of these suggestions? Three five pound refills of CO2 in one 
month, and three discussions with the Welding Supply shop manager who sold me 
the gas at $13.50 for five pounds. Hopefully he will not now see me for 9 - 0 
months. And yes, I do confess.  I AM mechanically challenged, and do learn 
the hard way.

I've considered some sort of electronic pH linked controller system but, I'll 
wait on that. At one to two bubbles a second in a 120 gallon, it's not likely 
that the fish are going to be in trouble with CO2 poisoning.  But sure, if 
necessary, I'd eventually spring for the extra bucks for one. But all that 
would do is complicate the system further, and increase the chance that 
something is gonna break or malfunction. SO I'm trying to keep things as 
simple as possible.

An oxymoron -- *A comfortable Death*. Nothing comfortable about it unless the 
soon to be expired is so loaded on meds, he, she or it is virtually comatose. 
I do not think it matters to the fish anyway. But not being a fish, I have no 
empirical way of knowing.