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re: Eheim vs. Fluval

I have an Eheim 2217 on one corner of my 125 and a Fluval 404 MSF on the 
other. I bought the Fluval just to try it as I have only used Eheim. They 
have both been running for over a year so here are my impressions. 

The Fluval is a satisfactory filter, in that it will do the job it was 
designed for. It clogs much faster and loses strength in its flow MUCH faster 
that the Eheim. I have to service it at least twice as often as the Eheim. 
The 404 pump head locks up with air more often than the Eheim, even with its 
built in primer pump. The Fluval has somewhat more versatility with its 
stacking plastic baskets, but so does the Eheim Professional you are looking 
at. The 2217 does not have baskets. Overall, not a bad filter for $89-$109 in 
MO catalogs.

The 2217, on the other hand, is an outstanding filter.  Overengineered, if 
there is such a thing. Maintains flow rate without clogging for a very long 
time. Quieter than the Fluval. Easier to prime if you use the double tap 
valves. Very good at evacuating air bubbles. Excellent setup for injecting 
CO2 (I do). Don't try this with a Fluval. The head will lock up on you. It 
did with mine. Very reliable.  I have a 1250 and 1060 Hobby Pump that I have 
used for 10 years. I also have a 2213 I have used for 7 years with no 
problem. The 2217 is well worth its purchase price of $140-$150 for the 
complete kit with media MO.

The Fluval is adequate, but the Eheim is excellent. IMO Eheim is the best 
canister filter on the market.