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Re: aeration for ponds in winter

Regarding the aeration of ponds in  the winter in colder regions. IMHO:

01.  Aeration would  destratify the pond water and allow air temperatures to 
      determine the water temperature of the pond because:
            a. Water gets heavier until it  reaches 4 degrees F. and 
therefore sinks.
            b. At  4 degrees it gets lighter and rises to the top of the 
pond(lake etc.) and 
                may then freeze putting an insulating coat over it.
            c. Water unlike most liquids freezes from the top-not the bottom.
            d. Fish and plants reduce metabolism greatly when they cool off.
            e. Eating and digestion often  stop or greatly reduce in colder 
            f.  Energy and oxygen needs are greatly reduced due to the colder 
            g. Aeration can upset this balance and result in fish deaths and 
possibly the 
               plants too due to intermittent air temp changes.  Water temp. 
02.  Of course there is always the chance that ponds will run out of oxygen 
       the winter,   but in my humble opinion, this is less than the problems 
created by 
       destratification when the fish are not feeding and adequate light is 
lacking for 
       the plants.
03.  The greater the depth of the pond, the greater the chances of 
       surviving the winter months outside.
04.   Tropical plants definitely need to go inside during the winter.
05.  Cold weather plants should be in pots and sunk to the lower reaches of 
the pond 
      during the winter.

Elmer Morehouse-Michigan-where the winter weather is harsh.