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Re: Outdoor Aquarium Qs

There is very little windchill here, plants only get frosted 
occasionally, and then only the most delicate ones. My mother uses 
burlap on her garden, but that's in the UK;).
I'm going to try an open top the first year and hope that the rising 
warm air will keep the plants in good shape. I'm not worried about those 
parts that are submersed, as the temp. in the water will remain 
constant. It's only the emersed part that worries me, and so long as 
only the emersed part is damaged (if indeed, it is to be damaged) then 
I'm not too worried. I hope that, and am aiming for, strong submerged 
growth will give the plants enough strength to over-winter. I'm not 
particularly worried about delicate plants as they'll be indoors.