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Re: Arowanna setup

Ah yes  point taken :)... i was hoping that the light fixtures would be enough to weigh
down the hood (which is tight-fitting)

Merrill wrote:

> One thing that I haven't seen mentioned for this particular setup is a
> good aquarium cover -- THEY JUMP!

James wrote:

I also thought about this.  I used the goldfish because they were the cheapest thing
and I would've gotten bored with ammonia treatment.  I will remove the goldfish right
before I add the plants.  The plants will then be allowed to establish themselves for a
month or so before I add the juv Arowanna.  That "fishless" period in between i'm not
sure of.  I was hoping that the plants would be able to use the higher nutrient load of
newly introduced soil.  What are your thoughts?

> Nobody else seems to have noticed this, or thought it a problem. While I
> haven't kept goldfish for years, I do remember that any plants put in their
> tanks were usually considered "lunch". You might want to reconsider the
> species you use to get your biological filter going, or go the fishless
> route using ammonia followed by a massive water change to remove the
> nitrates before you add the arowanna. Otherwise, I fear that try as you
> might, you may never get a healthy growth of live plants - especially given
> your low lighting conditions. They will be harrassed to shreads before they
> can become established. Goldfish are very definately omnivorous and will eat
> anything they can catch and get into their mouths.

Thank you for your replys :)