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Lamatte O2 test info.


According to Ines Scheurmann in his book, Aquarium Plants Manual, he
states that,  
"Optimum Oxygen content, the level at which fish and plants are best
able to survive, is 5 to 7 milligrams of O2 per quart (L) of water...in
general, water and air are in a state of equilibrium with one another,
that is, oxygen from the air diffuses into the water if the water
contains too little O2.  If too much O2 is dissolved in the water, the
O2 escapes into the air.  Under such equilibrium, about 9 milligrams of
O2 are dissolved in 1 quart (L) of water.  

Oxygen deficiency:  This occassionaly occurs in poorly maintained
aquariums, including, too large a fish population and only a few plants,
dirty or clogged filters, muddy bottom material, and large accumulations
of leftover food, poor lighting which reduces photosynthesis capability,
starved plants suffering from nutritional deficiencies...if the O2
content is less then 2 milligrams per quart (L), the fish will be at the
surface gasping for air."

Good luck and I hope this helps!!

Sean in smokey Missoula, Montana dot com.