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Re: Acrylic tubes/PVC

  Another option is to use clear acrylic tubing. It is quite 
> and will blend in very well making it ideal for spray bars and
> other tubes inside your tank. It is available in many sizes
> including the CPVC size aforementioned.It can be cut easily 
> is easy to work with IMO.

Ivo wrote:

Where do you find it ? I know clear PVC, but that's expensive. 
My big gripe too. I get it at Tap plastics about a block away.
It's cheap and easy to work with. Clear PVC is not so clear BTW.
It's also quite BIG. 

Ivo wrote:
Do they
also make fittings (elbows, tees) out of clear acrylic ?
No but the CPVC fit great(perfect actually) so I just use those.
Consider the connections used. Do you see them or the long
lengths of tubing?
Most of the piping done seldom sees the elbows and T's. It can
be hidden easily IMO. The tubing is very clear and is hard to
see. If you scuff up the CPVC and tie some Java moss around the
outlet/elbow/tee etc you'll never know it's there after awhile:)
It's easy to drill also.

Tom Barr

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