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New Softer Substrate for Corys

Hello Greater Knowledged beings,
    Cory Question for any takers. I looked through the archives to no avail. 
I'm about to come into ownership of a school of 15 Cory Cats, and I know that 
i have a sharp stubstrate, It feels sharp. Safe to say I want to head off any 
barbel problems now, plus, imagine pouring sand on a new substrate with 15 
corys! Buried Corys, Yikes!  I thoughr that Corys come from sand like dunes, 
right? Is it possible to put fine sand on top of my larger substrate? Do you 
think it will just settle right through? I want the softest substrate 
possible, regardless of color, shape, size, etc... Thanks so much, where are 
those Japanese Cory pictures now :-?  Oh, and to throw in my Aquatic Plant 
twist, what would be the affect on plants, besides the obvious covering with 
sand when adding another layer that would theoretically close the stubstrate 
further to water movement?  Thanks, Bill