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Re: Lux Meter Readings

On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, George Booth wrote:

> One of many lighting dissertations that I posted to UseNet in 1995 was kindly
> archived by Erik Olson at the Krib:
>   http://www.TheKrib.com/Plants/Tech/lighting.html#8



I'm surprised by the relatively low-light conditions advised for
Echinodorus and Sagittaria.  Is it your experience that plants in those
general grow well at the low end of the lighting range?  I find that
they tend to "reach" and get ugly, or just don't grow.

Also, some Crypts are definitely *not* low-light plants and trying to
maintain them at the low end of the lighting range can only fail.  I guess
this is just the inherent result of generalization.

Roger Miller