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Plant for trade or sale.

Hello Everyone,

I purchased a plant about 4-5 months ago that was sold to me as Echinodorus 
opacus.  As it's grown in my tank, it's looked more and more like a huge 
variety of Anubias barteri var. augustifolia (afzelii).  It didn't grow 
anything like the other swords that I kept in my tanks and leaves emerged 
from the other leaves much like any anubias would.  I'm not sure what type 
of plant this is whether it's really an Echinodorus or an Anubias.  If 
anyone is interested in tradin for a very unique plant, I'm looking for 
glosso, dwarf clover, or other interesting varieties of carpet plants aside 
from riccia which I consider a nuisance.  I'd also like to get some Didplis 
diandra, Alteranthera reinekii, or Rotala wallichii.  I'm not asking for all 
of these, but would like these plants and am willing to pay for some of it.  
This particular plant is over 7-8" in height and has about 8 leaves.  It is 
large by anubias standards.  Make me an offer.

Bailin Shaw
Oklahoma City Aquarium Association
Come to our fish show at the Edmond, OK Petsmart on Sept. 9th
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