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Paul wrote: 
I bought a used 75G tank with a nice wet/dry filter but the 
Supreme Mag
Drive pump is noisey. It seems to have cavitation noise which is

tiresome...It is a Model 5 which I am guessing puts out 500gph 
at probably
a 1' head and maybe something like 300gph at 4'.  I would like 
to replace
it with a new pump which will work for my current setup, a 
heavily planted freshwater tank. I could use some suggestions 
for tank
turnover and also for a quiet dependable pump. How about a Rio 
2100 or an
Eheim 1250? 
Both would do great.

Right now I am tending toward the submersible 
type... I know
that the Quiet One is a winner but I am afraid that the output 
will be too
much. I am not trying to create a Rocky Mountain stream theme 
You are wise.It wiill cost far less and use less electricity
Tom Barr

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