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Submersible Light meters

I would like to purchase a light meter for taking lux readings in my planted
tank. I would like the type of unit where the light sensor can be placed
inside the tank and the readout can be outside the tank. Does anyone have
any recomendations? I make my own reflectors out of aluminized mylar and I
know they are having a significant effect on the amount of light that
reaches the bottom of my tank. Without the reflectors I cannot grow any lawn
type plants at all at the bottom of my 120 gallon tank. However, I would
like to know just how effective the reflectors are and I would also like to
know just how much light I am getting at the bottom of my tank compared to
the top of the tank. Even with the reflectors it is obvious that the plants
at the top of the tank are getting more light than the plants at the bottom
of the tank.