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Re: Clowns and CO2

on 8/14/00 7:48 PM, David at FocaIPoint at aol_com wrote on the Aquatic Plants
Digest at Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com:

> Interesting. I have four Clown Loaches, a huge Indian Red, a Rubin, a Rose
> and an Ozelot Sword and a huge mess of Vals, driftwood etc in
> a 120. At no time have they proved destructive of plants. Think it might be
> tank specific?  Just wondering.

They _wailed_ on an E. blehri <sp?>. So did the clown pleco. What once was a
plant that fully filled a 33G trash barrel had been reduced to shreds and
would barely fill a 10G tank. For that matter, so did the Gold Nugget, who
nearly destroyed a couple different kinds of swords in another setup.

I could almost tolerate the horseshoe shaped marks the clown loaches made,
but that destructive rasping of the plecos are far worse.

Doubtful it's a tank specific thing. The loaches have been relocated to a
55G and are rooming with other plant bashers; one each of a Gold Nugget and
Blue Eye pleco.

Recently I moved a C. Lobelia into that tank. Yep, you guess it,
nuthin-but-nubs left. :(

Frankly, it seems to me from that based on my four loaches eating habits,
they like plant matter in their diet.