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Clowns and CO2

<< I finally evicted my clowns from the planted 75 because of the damage they
 did to larger leaved plants. >>

Interesting. I have four Clown Loaches, a huge Indian Red, a Rubin, a Rose 
and an Ozelot Sword and a huge mess of Vals, driftwood etc in 
a 120. At no time have they proved destructive of plants. Think it might be 
tank specific?  Just wondering.

Back on the CO2 front. My new Bioplast is bubbling away at circa 2 bubbles a 
second. pH is circa 6.8 -- 7.0 in the day, 6.5 at night. kH is nearly 4 I 
think, and gH is also 4. No measurable Phosphates. Nitrate holding steady at 
5ppm.  Since adding the CO2 injection two days ago, these numbers represent 
really a minimal change from before the CO2 i.e. pH 6.8 - 7, gH of 4 and kH 
of 3.

Am I misreading the test kits? Is the above pretty average? The plants are 
doing fine but, I would be hard pressed to say that the addition of the CO2 
has resulted in any dramatic changes. Too soon I suspect.

I was unable to open that URL on Japanese commercial Fishing someone posted 
to the list. Would he mind sending me the URL again privately?

Thanking the list in advance

(The AMANO Illiterate)