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Accuracy in quotations

In message
[http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants/month.200008/msg00245.html], I
...he sells Australian "Pine" driftwood and says on his web site
that he finds it on local Florida beaches. If you ask me, that's a long way
from Australia for a piece of wood to float, although I'm sure that it is

I followed this up in message
[http://www.actwin.com/fish/aquatic-plants/month.200008/msg00248.html] with
the confession:
...I didn't know that a plant called Australian Pine even existed...

Later, Neil Travis (from Australia), in message
There has been a few messages on Australian Pine lately and as James said it
does not exist. There is no such animal....

Before this thread gets cut off by Cynthia (and I hope that happens soon),
I'd just like to clarify that at no time did I say that the plant in
question did not exist. I stated that I was not aware of it. Please don't
put words in my mouth. What I did say regarding this plant is documented
above and I've provided the message links should anyone care to revisit the
originals (shudder).

I'm not here to provoke any regional clashes, nor to promote any private
business - I brought the whole thing up to support my contention that since
this list has an International readership, we should use names and
descriptions which _everyone_ is likely to understand, regardless of where
they hang their hat.

Those who disagree with this are free to do so, and to make up whatever
names they want to. Readers of such posts are free to draw their own

When I posted my original message, I explicitly said that it was not
intended as a "flame". I _can't_ say the same for some of the public
responses which it elicited. But, this being summertime in Ontario, I'm
accustomed to no-see-ums*, and know that they are best ignored.

The rest of this discussion is best left to die. I believe that I made my
point and the dissenters have shown their mettle (or lack of same, depending
upon your point of view).

*nickname of the Biting Midge [Phasmidohelea wagneri]

James Purchase [Toronto - Canada]

Latin Rocks!
...student of Carolus Linnaeus