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RE:Hach Kit/Tank woes

David's tank woes: 
Regarding the test kit, I would pay for the LaMott
test kit for 39.95. It's an easy no brainer and last
for sometime. It's perfect for what we do IMO and is
very accurate.

Regarding your plants, backing off the KNO3 and adding
more fish or fish food may cure what ails thee. GW is
pesky but easily removed in many different ways(check
archives/Krib for more on this one).
You have a great tank since you have 2 x 96 watt
lights on a 75 gallon tank, good GH/KH and hopefully
you can keep the PH in the 6.6 to 7.2 range throughout
the day with the DIY yeast set up. You will be much
happier with the Canned CO2 and I would suggest
getting a tank in the future. It's well worth the
money. An all flourite gravel bed takes care of the
Feeding the fish well does what? It adds NH4+ and NO3
if the bacteria ever get a chance to to convert any to
this form. It also adds other trace elements on a 
daily basis and helps cycle the tank well. Well cycled
tanks can handle more ups and downs than other tanks.
Get rid of the GW in your prefered method then start
feeding your fish well add K2SO4 instead for awhile
and test your NO3 to see where it's at. Doing this
method will allow you to keep a lower NO3 level and
good growth and also have little algae problems.

Fish are a good thing to have in a tank but too many
can hurt. It's about balance again. A light fish load
with a few cleaners and good daily feedings will do
wonders for most folks tanks. I will add a small
amount of KNO3 after a water change to bring it up to
5ppm for the **make up water** only. This method has
seemed to produce little to no algae.

You can also try the "algae ain't got no roots" method
and add jobes/SeaChem's tabs to the substrate about
every 2-3 months. The plants can get to the Nitrogen
sources but the algae cannot since they don't possess
roots. Care must be taken not to uproot things and
spread the jobes all over the water column when
replanting. A good water change will help if this

Maybe this helps?
Tom Barr

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