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Re: FFF (was Hair algae)

Dwight, I don't mind a nasty-looking fish when it's ugly, but when these flag 
fish look nasty it's because they're pretty unhealthy. I took pity on some 
that had been ordered in for me, and felt obliged to take them all, in spite 
of the fact that they looked pretty bad. One never recovered, and my mistake 
was trying to keep him alive for so long, because it lengthened the time of 
contact to the other fish. Though the other ones recovered color and fins, 
they all eventually developed the same symptoms, and eventually succumbed 
(all but one male). I lost all but one female also. And I noticed, if they're 
not in the peak of health, they tend to laze around and not do much algae 
pickin' at all. Left for a week on vacation without food, I came home to a 
tank that had more hairy algae than when I left it. 

I assumed it was TB because of the types of symptoms that showed up. Who 
knows, maybe there's some kind of disease specific to FFF, aka AFF.

They seem to breed for others, and I noticed someone posted they had flagfish 
fry sometime ago for trade. Maybe this is the best way to try to acquire them.


> But the ones that do come in are really nasty looking.  Deformed or missing 
>  >fins and no color.  When I lived in FL, I could also score very colorful 
>  >ones, but I have only seen them for sale twice in six years here in 
>  >and they were nasty looking.
>  NOW I know where "IDMiamiBob" comes from! :-) For YEARS I've wondered where
>  you got that name when you don't currently live in Florida.
>  One of the reasons FFF or Florida Flag Fish (Jordanella floridae)  aka
>  American Flag Fish sometimes get a bad rap (from LFS owners) is their
>  colour gets lost when they are kept in stressful conditions (like an
>  overcrowded LFS tank for example)
>  http://www.aquafind.com/articles/jordan.html Even so, I have to agree with
>  Bob Dixon that the wild ones I score look much better than the store bought
>  ones.