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Kind of an aquarium plant question

I had an overgrown peace lily (spathiphyllum, I think) that stopped
flowering.  I split it up among several pots last spring, a few of which are
doing reasonably well although they still haven't flowered again, a few of
which I forgot to water... ;-)

The "forgot to water" contingent got taken outside about two months ago.
Each is now in a waterproof pot, and it's been raining like crazy.  Each
also got a Jobe's stick "for large houseplants".  Anyway, they've all been
growing, I've trimmed away the largest, browned leaves and there are now
small -- no more than 8" or 10" at most -- leaves sprouting up.  The problem
is that several of the largest leaves are yellowed -- like a sword plant
with a nitrogen deficiency.

Could the yellowed leaves be a nitrogen deficiency, even with the Jobe's
stick?  Are the plants just going through a transitional phase while they
get used to being inundated with rainwater after being treated so badly?
Could it be the direct sunlight after being indoors?

I know it's not exactly an "aquarium" question, but I thought I'd ask the
list since many people seem to keep them in bogs and use them in plant

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD