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? Comment about use of electronic ballasts ?

I spoke with a lighting distributor of Magnetek ballasts, and the guy told
me that using an electronic ballast on the T-12, T-10, and non-energy saving
type T-8's bulbs will overdrive the bulbs and cause them to burn out
quicker.  Before then when I spoke with an engineer at Magnetek he never
mentioned this problem.  Has anyone else ever heard about this before?  

I'm going to be lighting the Hagen Power-Glo and Sun-Glo bulbs (T-10) and
one of the Triton bulbs (yes, on separate ballasts).  All of the bulbs are
the old-school 30w bulbs for a 36" length.  But as more aquarium light
companies convert all the sizes to the real T-8's I want to be able to
switch to those bulbs w/o needing new ballasts.  That is why I originally
thought that I should get electronic type ballasts.  Also the ballasts I'm
looking at are rapid start; should they be instant start instead?

On another topic, I'm building a canopy and reflectors for the lights
mentioned above and need help on the profile shape of the reflectors.  If
anyone has dimensions and angles for some of the elaborate, expensive
reflectors I'd greatly appreciate it.  I've searched the archives here and
on the Krib, as well as the web and have not found anything of help.  I'm
going to use aluminum flashing to make the shape, and then adhere 'Clear
Mirror' to the aluminum.  (Clear Mirror is a product made by 3M that has
over 99.9% reflectivity).

Thanks in advance for the help,
Matt Sadlo