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Re: Battling BGA

>From: Michael Villalobos <lobos0331 at yahoo_com>

>Hi Pat - Sorry I did not get back sooner, I had some
>surgery performed and have been recovering.  I treated
>may tank for 3 days without a problem.  You could
>remove 1/4 of your Spirox media, but leave most of it
>in place it will probably not be affected by the
>Maracyn (erythromycin).  Just a note use Maracyn and
>not Aquarium Pharmaceuticals erythromycin, it did noto
>work for me.  I treated for 3 days with AP product and
>saw no browning (dying) of the cyanobacteria. 
>Good luck,

FWIW, when I used erythromycin to eliminate BGA, I use 1/2 dose for ONE DAY
only. I believe this was the recommendation as early as 1993 when the idea
first appeared in TAG. As always, first remove as much biomass as possible.
 Then have patience. This should be enough to set it back and cause it to
die on its own.It takes time to see the effect (~4-7 days). Multiple day
treatment is only needed to ensure COMPLETE elimation of unhealthy bacteria
(the common approach to treat disease). Re-treatment with another brand of
erythromycin does not mean you used a better product (unless it is possible
for it to be old and ineffective), it just means you  gave the tank an
unnecessary extra dose. If you had waited, you should have seen the change
in BGA from the initial amount.