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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #457


Back in V4 #456 a list member posted comments and a question.  In V4 #457
we were treated to a reply to the comments, a response to the reply and a
reply to the response to the reply, all in one digest.  It left me
feeling like I was reading someone else's e-mail!

That of course is a result of reading letters as they are posted at the
archive.  I do that all the time myself; it lets me think things over,
decide what I want to reply to and prepare a better response to the
letters I want to answer.  But I don't reply to a question until the
question comes out on the digest.  That helps pace the thread and helps
prevent essentially private conversations from coming out on the digest.

I'd like to ask folks to *please* let letters come out on the digest
before they respond to them.

Roger Miller
in brutally dry and dusty Albuquerque