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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #457


I'd guess you were talking about the *Flourite* post. I didn't need to ponder 
the response for another day, before I realized that James misunderstood my 
post. Clarifying myself in the same digest seemed appropriate and helpful for 
anyone reading and trying to understand. At the same time, James responding 
to my clarification and answering some questions, in the same digest, made 
sense. I actually find it's much easier to follow one subject in one digest. 
Sometimes when responses are dragged over and responded to, day after day, 
rather than answered and completed in one digest, for instance, it can become 
very tedious and difficult to follow. I have a tendency to go and check in 
archives because I want to see if any responses have been made to a post I 
was interested in. Including them all in one digest is not personally a 
problem for me. It's easier to track. 


> Back in V4 #456 a list member posted comments and a question.  In V4 #457
>  we were treated to a reply to the comments, a response to the reply and a
>  reply to the response to the reply, all in one digest.  It left me
>  feeling like I was reading someone else's e-mail!
>  That of course is a result of reading letters as they are posted at the
>  archive.  I do that all the time myself; it lets me think things over,
>  decide what I want to reply to and prepare a better response to the
>  letters I want to answer.  But I don't reply to a question until the
>  question comes out on the digest.  That helps pace the thread and helps
>  prevent essentially private conversations from coming out on the digest.
>  I'd like to ask folks to *please* let letters come out on the digest
>  before they respond to them.