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More Zoo Med Stuff

Erik and Ivo, are you saying that the Zoo Med bulbs
are the "real" T8 bulbs (slightly lower wattage per
bulb that length than for T12s) that only work with an
electronic ballast?  I thought I remembered somebody
saying that a Zoo Med person said the bulbs will just
take longer to warm up.  

You can get an electronic ballast for around 20 bucks?
How good are these in relation to Ice Cap and other
expen$ive ballasts?  Will the ones you mention work
with T12 bulbs as well, or only T8s? 

How good are the bulbs themselves as far as things we
usually look for?  5500k, 6500k, or 8500k(I already
have a Triton.  Does this make any difference)
Thanks again guys. 

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