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Funky Clown Loaches and C02

Gasp. Well, that's loyalty for you. Paying for their owner's misjudgments <g> 
I have four in the 120, and there they stay. So I run a Vortex for an hour or 
so each day. No big deal. But to each his own. I just happen to think there 
is a valuable trade off here for me.

I'm about to jump off into the unknown once again and would like to receive 
the collective list wisdom on the following.

Saturday when my Bioplast regulator etc arrive, I'll be hooking up my CO2 
system for the first time. I'm aiming for 10-15 ppm of CO2 and will probably 
start the perking at one or two bubbles a second. Reasonable? Or am I totally 
off in left field here?

With the following tank parameters, what can I expect regarding pH and 
hardness changes. (I'll be turning the system off at lights out)

pH - 7.0
NH -0
NO3 -  ca 2ppm
dkH - 4.0
dgH - 3.0
PO4 - 0 to 0.5 ppm
Fe - .2
100 percent Flourite substrate
Temp a constant 80  F
light -- moderate fish load
Eheim 2228 Filter with  occasional Vortex augmentation.
275 watts of 9325k PC lighting, 12 hours per day staggered to emulate  
changing intensities of a *normal*  day.  Not trusting them darn tables, I 
went out and bought  a Sera CO2 test kit.

Am I correct in expecting a .5 drop in pH to circa 6.5, and how will this 
affect gH and kH? I learned a bitter lesson early on, and I am loth to add 
ANY chemical to the  water column unless absolutely necessary, and I mean 

BTW the Indian Red is doing spectacularly well as the tank's off center 
centerpiece.  Measuring from the top of the substrate, the leaves are 15 
inches tall and spreading up and out. It resembles a huge Rubin. Can't wait 
to  observe how it and the other swords react to the added hit of CO2.

Thanking the list in advance

David Napierkowski