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RE:Swords and angels

>I would recommend Cryptocoryne Balansae or Retrospiralis.  If you are
>thinking vertical, these 2 plants should suit you fine.  Unlike
>Echinodoruses, they don't grow into huge bunches. 

I think in George's tank ......the Crypts will get like mine which most
folks WOULD call huge bunches:)
Still better IMO than swords but some swords are very nice and suitable.
Crypts don't get as out of hand as many swords often do.
 They propagate by
>runners and there's always space between their leaves for Altums to

Discus & Angels are fine in thick cover, more so than one might think. 
Altums need a good place to duck into, not the whole tank crammed full. I'm
sure there will be ample space for them in George's tank. The Altums had no
problem going into the big sword leaves.
>Another point which I forgot to bring up in my last post - if you are
>planning to keep small fish which are surface swimmers together with
>Altums, it's a bad idea.  Surface swimmers (like Zebra Danios, for
>instance) by the fact that they are always in the open, are practically
>dead fish the moment an Altum arrives in the tank.

We have cardinals and rummies noses in there. No problems. Its been  quite
some time. They like worms and brine:). They (Altums) are skittish fish
though. I've never heard of them eating any of the fish in this tank nor
seen it. We had some baby swordtails(perhaps a 100) in there so they have
the source if they wish. If they eat those it would be a good thing:)
Tom Barr