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RE:Loaches and Snails

>> I`ve read that several folks out there have and love their Clown Loaches in
>> their planted tanks . Well , I aquired 6 of them ranging from 3 1/2 to over
>> 5 inches long . Since their addition to my tank I`ve noticed a lot of "funk"
>> in the water . 

>Did you have snails in the tank before you added the clown loaches?  Clown 
>loaches love escargot!  
>I have found that snails do a great job of cleaning up detritus. What you may be 
>seeing is the loaches have decimated your janitorial crew and you now have 
>detritus building up on top of the substrate. Any movement stirs it up. 

I have found this to be very true over the course of many years since I've
always had loaches and plants. My water stays clear etc but the mulm is
>What to do?  I'm afraid you have to remove the loaches.  We had this very same 
>problem and had to donate two very lovely 5" clowns loaches to the LFS. 

You know you are plant nut when .....................:)
It's a painful thing to do though for myself. 
I have some that going to be removed soon too.
Tom Barr